Trump-Backing Pastor Makes Odd Claim About Trump Kicking Reporter Out Of Meeting

A few days ago, CNN reporter Jim Acosta was ordered to leave the Oval Office by Republican President Donald Trump after he pressed Trump over his comments that Haiti and African nations were “shitholes” and that he wanted more immigrants from places like Norway.

Many people, of course, took this incident as yet one more of the countless, frightening attacks the Trump adminstration has made against the free press. However, a hard-right evangelical pastor named Lance Wallnau has a far different interpretation of the event.

Wallnau, whose Christian ministry has a decided supernatural flavor to it, was recently interviewed by Frontline America’s Ben Bergquam. At one point during the colorful interview, Lance asserted that President Trump was casting out demons when he ordered the CNN reporter to leave the Oval Office. Wallnau recalled campaign rallies by Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio during the 2016 Republican primaries, and claimed that protesters did not disrupt these events because “the devil wasn’t manifesting at those meetings.” He then stated that, in stark opposition to this, “people that were working together at a level of evil” were actively trying to disrupt Donald Trump’s campaign events. Wallnau then said that Trump did not bend to these dark forces “because there is a deliverance anointing on him for America.”

The evangelical went on, making direct reference to the Acosta incident, “What do you do when demons are manifesting? You cast them out. He just cast out Jim Acosta last week. It was hilarious. He points at him and goes, ‘Out!’ One word—’Out!’—and security escorts the journalist out. It’s a deliverance anointing. He has got a Samson’s prophet anointing to deal with the Philistines. Any threat to God’s purpose for America and Israel, this guy will go and unhinge the gates because he has got a Samson-like anointing.” He added, “When you got that going on, why do you want to be a critic of him? Why do you want to be small-minded and pick on his Samson tweets? I could care less. He is not an elegant Isaiah prophet.” Do you find it sad that some people actually take Lance Wallnau seriously? Watch the full clip below: