Trump Backer Attacks Pastors Who Don’t Support Trump

It is hard to believe that any people who consider themselves to be followers of Jesus Christ can still actively support philanderer and racist Donald Trump. It is almost inconceivable, then, that some of lifelong libertine Trump’s most ardent supporters are Christian pastors.

Things have gone so completely upside-down in the world of right-wing conservative Christians that an evangelical pastor named Robert Jeffress recently admonished other Christian pastors for resisting backing Trump.

Pastor Jeffress, who was an early booster of Trump during his campaign, recently appeared on the Religious Right’s “Sandy Rios in the Morning” radio show and spoke to guest host Fred Jackson how he feels that pastors who do not support Trump are not in alignment with evangelical Christian values. Jeffress also claimed that many of these pastors who do not reconcile Trump’s active immorality with Christian faith are merely being bitter because they were wrong in predicting that Trump would lose the 2016 election. Commented Jeffress, “I think there’s several different agendas at work here. I think some of it is just wounded pride. They know they were wrong and they just have a hard time admitting it. But I think there’s something else that may be going on, Fred. I think there’s just been a disconnect, a continued disconnect, between what I call the evangelical elites and the average person in the pew.”

Robert then expressed his puzzlement how some Christian pastors aren’t rallying behind the frequent Howard Stern Show guest who he claims is the “most pro-life, most pro-religious liberty, most pro-Israel president we’ve had in history.” The evangelical went on, “Probably they deep-down don’t embrace those beliefs that the people in the pews do. I mean, if you talk to them privately, many of them, they are just as concerned—perhaps more concerned—about the Palestinians as they are about the Jews who have a right to live in the land that God gave them. When it comes to those Colorado bakers, they really believe—if you talk to them privately—they should be forced to bake that cake for the gay wedding. When it comes to abortion, they are more concerned with the plight of the Dreamers than they are about protecting the unborn. That’s what I think it gets down to.” Do you think it is sad this evangelical is trying to peer-pressure other pastors into abandoning their values and backing Trump? Listen to his full comments below: