Schumer Argues Trump’s Proposal Just A ‘Tool’ To Tear Apart Legal Immigration

While President Trump and the rest of the GOP claim to care about DACA recipients, their actions speak louder than words. Recently, the immigration issue caused a stand-off in Congress that led to a three-day shutdown.

Lawmakers turned the escapade into a blaming game with the Democrats arguing that Trump refused a deal that provided both a solution for the Obama-era DACA program and funding for his wall. On the other hand, the Republicans accused the Democrats of holding the Military hostage and putting government workers before Dreamers.

The Senate was able to pass a resolution to keep re-open the government late Monday.  But the current DACA solution expires in March, which is when the deportations are expected to start.

Trump touted a new proposal that Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) was just a wish list for “anti-immigrant hardliners.” Schumer explained in a pair of tweets,”As we have been urging him to do for months, the President has finally put pen to paper to show us where he stands on immigration. Unfortunately, this plan flies in the face of what most Americans believe.”

“While @realDonaldTrump finally acknowledged that the Dreamers should be allowed to stay here and become citizens, he uses them as a tool to tear apart our legal immigration system and adopt the wish list that anti-immigration hardliners have advocated for years,” he tweeted.

After progressive groups blasted Schumer as the “worst negotiator” in Washington, the top Democrat took the deal off the table that included funding for Trump’s wall.