Scarborough Bursts Into Laughter After Sean Hannity Finally Admits Trump Tried To Fire Mueller

“Morning Joe” host and vocal Trump critic Joe Scarborough has never been shy about expressing his true views on President Trump. In fact, Scarborough has often criticized Trump’s absurd behavior and tweets on his show.

In the past, Trump has often blasted networks such as NBC and CNN for broadcasting negative coverage about him, calling their stories “fake news.” However, Scarborough is not backing down to Trump.  On Friday, the “Morning Joe” host burst into a fit of laughter over Fox News host Sean Hannity’s coverage of a report that President Trump tried to fire special counsel Robert Mueller last June.

Hannity is known for defending Trump even when the president is obviously in the wrong. Fox News is a biased right-wing network and it just so happens to be Trump’s favorite because they never speak negatively about him and have a tendency to spin the truth, so to speak.

When the New York Time reported that Trump had attempted to fire Mueller in June of 2017, Hannity told his audience that the publication was trying to “distract” them.  Hannity argued, “Our sources, and I’ve checked in with many of them, they’re not confirming that tonight. And the president’s attorney dismissed the story and says ‘nope, no comment, we’re not going there tonight.'”

However, just moments after Hannity’s scathing rebuke of the Times, the Trump mouthpiece was forced to pull his foot from his mouth and report, “Donald Trump wanted to fire the special counsel for conflict. ” Before changing the subject, the Fox News host tried to save face by asking: “Does he not have the right to raise those questions?”

But Scarborough thought it was hilarious that Hannity was proven wrong about his fearless leader. “Look over there! It’s straight out of the Carville handbook,” Scarborough insisted. The “Morning Joe” host then mocked Hannity’s attempt to change the subject to a car wreck from the Times’ reports. “Look at the car wreck, look at the car wreck! Oh my god, I don’t even know where to begin,” the MSNBC host joked.

How red was Hannity’s face when he had to read that report on live television?