‘Morning Joe’ Says Trump May Have Already Confessed Collusion To Reporter

In an unanticipated move that sent White House counsels and his own personal lawyers into a panic, Republican President Donald Trump declared that he would meet with special counsel Robert Mueller and speak with him regarding allegation of collusion.

President Trump, of course, was sure to double down on his denials that any collusion between his campaign and Vladimir Putin’s regime in Russia ever took place. However, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski argued that Trump may already have confessed to collusion during his careless interaction with a reporter.

On her MSNBC program, Brzezinski pointed to Trump’s recent White House press briefing where he claimed that he was in fact “looking forward” to testifying to special counsel Mueller under oath. During the briefing, a member of the press asked President Trump to define the term “collusion” in his own words. Responded the president in his all-too-revealing answer, “You’ll define it for me, but I can tell you, there’s no collusion.” He then added, in a key phrase, “I couldn’t have cared less about Russians having to do with my campaign. The fact is — you people won’t say this, but I’ll say it — I was a much better candidate than her. You always say she was a bad candidate, you never say I was a good candidate. I was one of the greatest candidates, nobody else would have beaten the Clinton machine, as crooked as it was, but I was a great candidate. Someday you’re going to say that.”

Brzezinski and co-host Willie Geist scrutinized Trump’s words and Geist offered, “That’s really sad. It gets to the heart of the matter. ‘I couldn’t have cared less about Russians having to do with my campaign’ is what he said.” To co-host Joe Scarborough, this came off as a confession. Scarborough detailed, “He said after claiming no Russians were involved with his campaign, now he’s saying, ‘Those Russians involved in my campaign? I couldn’t have cared less about them.’” To Brzezinski, this was yet more more instance of Trump being recorded confessing to wrongdoing. Said Mika, “It’s like the tapes, the Watergate tapes, except as Ari Melber pointed out yesterday, he just says it on TV.” Do you think Trump’s noteworthy slip was an admission of guilt? Watch the full discussion below: