Joe Scarborough Mocks Sean Hannity’s Trump ‘Desperation’

A staggering number of politicians, religious leaders and media figures have invested their entire reputations into backing Republican President Donald Trump throughout his countless scandals and unforced errors.

None, however, have matched the endless devotion shown to President Trump by his most unwavering Fox News apologist and propagandist Sean Hannity. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough recently burst out laughing after watching a clip where Hannity ended up looking particularly foolish attempting to defend Trump.

The New York Times broke the story earlier this week that President Trump had planned to fire special counsel Robert Mueller last July, but was stopped from doing so after his White House counsel and assistant Don McGahn threatened to quit over it. Fox News host Sean Hannity denied the story in knee-jerk fashion, dismissing it on his show as a “distraction” and just another fake news smear against the Republican president. However, just a few minutes later he was forced to admit on the air that reporters at Fox News had independently confirmed that it was a true story. Hannity then rapidly changed the subject of his discussion on his broadcast to car chase in Arizona that was captured on video. On Morning Joe, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough cracked up after watching this footage and said, “Look over there! Oh my god. ‘But didn’t Bill Clinton’ – look at the bird, look at the bird! Look at the car wreck! Oh my god.”

When Scarborough regained his composure, the former Republican congressman from Florida blasted conservatives who forsaked their dignity trying to cover for Trump. Stated Joe, “Over this week, and certainly over the last six months, we’ve seen this coming from people who are Trump apologists. You know, like for instance, Mueller. The New York Times reports Donald Trump wanted to fire Robert Mueller. Fake news! Okay, well maybe it’s not fake news, and then I am holding up a sheet of paper, here’s a secret society and we are going to investigate the secret society. There’s a secret society, other congressmen come on the TV and say we are going to look into this secret society. There’s no secret society.” He went on, “The desperation, every day there is desperation, and every day, it blows up in their faces. But I guess the big takeaway here is, just how much people are willing to actually sacrifice their political souls for a man who will never show loyalty in return.” Do you agree with Scarborough? Watch the full clip below: