Evangelical Claims Trump Is About To Have Transformative Encounter With God

There does not seem to be any limit to the ridiculous lengths that some conservative evangelical Christians will go to to promote and defend Republican President Donald Trump, their close ally in the White House.

Some evangelical pastors and other Christian figures have compared President Trump, who was recorded saying that he likes to grab women “by the pussy,” to Jesus Christ. Others have claimed that Trump is like the new David, someone willing to destroy his enemies in the service of God. Recently, one Christian pastor outdid all of them in terms of bizarreness by predicting that the president will have an encounter with God that will lead him to be transformed into “John the Revelator.”

Hard-right preacher Dutch Sheets is just one of many eccentric “faith leaders” who have thrown their support wholeheartedly behind porn star enthusiast Donald Trump. Sheets recently had a conversation about Trump with Steve Shultz, who runs a website called Elijah List focused on Judeo-Christian prophecy. Said Dutch, who alleges to be “known for his apostolic and prophetic anointing,” about former reality TV star and Club 54 patron Trump, “I am very confident that there is an encounter with God that this man is going to have that is going to transform him. I already believe that God is using him, but I believe He wants to make him a father for this nation, to this nation.” The pastor then described a dream his friend had in the run-up to the presidential election where Donald was crying while reading the Bible. Dutch claimed that this was a sign that Trump would emerge from the election victorious and that “God is going to do something with this man to give him His heart, God’s heart for America.”

Delving into even stranger territory, Dutch also said that God revealed to another pastor’s young son that “John” would win the election. Elaborated Sheets, “It’s significant to me that God didn’t call him Donald, He called him John. ‘The Donald’ is his brand, it’s the tycoon, it’s the billionaire, it’s the guy that took New York, you know. But God, I believe, wants to transform him into ‘The John.’ John was John the Revelator, the guy that could hear, the guy that God said, ‘Come up higher, I’ll show you what is coming.’” The pastor said that after the president “has this encounter and can hear God’s voice,” he will be like “John the Beloved” who “knows the heart of God, hears God.” He added, “I see this coming. He is going to have an encounter with God that is going to baptize him in the Holy Spirit, open him to a new world and I believe even prophetic dreams will come to this man. I do believe that he is going to know God and he is going to realize that God put me here, and I’m going to do everything possible to follow His leadership, His will and do for Him what He wants in this nation.” Do you find it laughable that these evangelicals project their beliefs onto ethically-challenged Trump? Watch his full commentary below: