Tony Perkins Mocks Obama As ‘Bathroom-In-Chief’

During the presidency of porn star-soliciting former reality TV personality Donald Trump, conservative evangelical Christians have clearly scaled up their ambitions.

As evidence of this, evangelical leader Tony Perkins recently described on a right-wing podcast how he and others in his community are done with small potatoes activities like challenging the “icky social issues” promoted by former “Bathroom-in-chief” Barack Obama.

A recent article in the New York Times made the argument that conservative Christians’ efforts on social issues have gotten “little legislative momentum in statehouses.” Tony Perkins, who is president of Religious Right activist group the Family Research Council, responded to this by essentially stating that, with Trump as their ally, conservative Christians now have bigger fish to fry. Elaborated Perkins on a broadcast of his organization’s “Washington Watch” podcast, “There’s no need to spend all the legislative time on these issues about who uses the bathroom because we no longer have the bathroom-in-chief, Barack Obama.” He went on, attempting to diminish President Obama’s efforts to have transgender people be treated with greater respect, “Recall it was the White House that put down an order, sent down an order, through the Department of Justice and the Department of Education as to who could use what bathroom—basically, bathroom confusion. That is what that former president was occupied with.”

Continued the gloating evangelical leader, “We now we have a president that understands the confines of the White House in terms of its limits by the Constitution.” The biblical law advocate went on to heap praise onto the admitted “pussy grabber” for having canceled the protections granted by Obama’s White House to transgender people in school settings. He added, “Could it be that the liberal media once again is wanting to put their spin, if not create, news, as opposed to report it?” Are you looking forward to Trump and his backers like Perkins getting flushed out of power? Listen to his full comments below: