Poll Suggests 67 Percent Of Voters Say Trump Is Not A Good Role Model For Kids

There is no doubt that President Trump is one of the most controversial Presidents in the history of the United States. His historically low approval rating reflects just that. However, his merry troupe of bigot followers seem to think he can do no wrong and blindly follow him where he decides to go.

This lack of critical thinking is dangerous. President Trump is new to political and how the global economy works. He may know how to run a business but he has still gone bankrupt several times, which also reflect his poor managment skills as a business leader.

What’s more, President Trump often acts like a child. He has tantrums and attacks people on Twitter. But his attacks are not based on any intellectual argument. In fact, Trump personally attacks many women with racist and sexist remarks.

Trump has often referred to Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” in an effort to poke fun at her Native American heritage. He has also reportedly mocked global leaders’ accents behind-closed-doors.

Not to mention his inappropriate attacks on women and the time he was recorded saying famous men can just “grab women by the p—-y.” No wonder the vast majority of American voters say they don’t believe President Trump is a good role model for kids.

According to recently released Quinnipiac Poll, 67% of voters say Trump is not a good role model. Only a mere 29% say he is.

The poll also found that only a mere 27%of voters claim they are proud to have Trump as president. While the majority, 53%,  say they are embarrassed by him. Even more interesting, 90% of voters say it’s important for the president to be a good role model. Do you agree?