Anti-Islam Activist Makes Unsettling Statement About Russia Investigators

To anyone with common sense, it is plain as day that then-candidate Donald Trump and members of his campaign colluded with the Russian government to interfere with the 2016 American presidential election. To many, this kind of activity could be seen as treasonous.

However, the president and his conservative boosters have become experts during the Trump Era at creating and promoting a phony parallel narrative to directly counter any scandal Trump has become embroiled in. As one example, a far-right commentator recently claimed that special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of Russia investigators are the ones who are actually guilty of treason against America.

Ex-agent John Guandolo resigned from the FBI in disgrace and now spends his time trying to stoke fear about Muslims as the leader of an anti-Islamic activist group called Understanding the Threat. Guandolo also dabbles in political punditry, and recently appeared on TheDove TV’s Focus Today show where he voiced his extreme take on the special counsel’s probe. On the program, he claimed that the FBI used the infamous Christopher Steele dossier about Trump as justification for surveilling then-candidate Trump, which he declared was treasonous. Stated Guandolo about Mueller’s investigation, “That’s criminal and everyone involved should go to jail for it. I would argue because it’s part of a broader, hostile campaign by our enemies and supports a broader campaign by our enemies, it also constitutes sedition and treason and people need to be held accountable. People need to be tried, convicted and executed for treason.”

He went on, growing his conspiracy, “We can tie this in to the larger hostile campaign to overthrow the duly elected president of the United States. This is treason and sedition.” The failed federal agent then stated that “a massive purge” of our country’s government needs to happen, because the FBI, Congress and the Department of Justice are all full of people “who are hostile to the republic, they are hostile to the Constitution, they are conspiring to overthrow the government.” Guandolo added, “People need to be charged, sent to jail, executed, if the republic is to survive.” Do you think this man needs psychiatric help? Watch his full statement below: