‘The View’ Hosts Have Sharp Words For Hypocritical Evangelicals

The View‘s sharp conservative co-host Meghan McCain has proved effective in pushing back at the other hosts on ABC’s The View, and this has resulted in some sparks on the show over hot-button issues.

However, in a recent broadcast all the women on The View were on the same page in discussing the deep hypocrisy of many evangelical Christian leaders who continue to support Republican President Trump amid revelations he allegedly had an affair with a porn star while his wife Melania was pregnant.

Today’s hard-right conservative Christians advocate reshaping America as a country that follows biblical laws and values. However, they seem to turn a blind eye when it comes to billionaire playboy Donald Trump. In a recent interview, prominent Christian activist Tony Perkins stated the president gets a “mulligan” for his decades of immoral acts simply because he is helping evangelicals push through their agenda. The hosts on The View called conservative Christians such as Perkins out for their “ends justifying the means” hypocrisy. Conceded Joy Behar, “The argument they give is that we supported, people like me, liberals, supported Bill Clinton, even though — and Gloria Stein supported Bill Clinton even though affair and the Paula Jones and the Juanita Broaddrick et cetera, we’re as culpable as the evangelicals in that sense.” However, she then explained, “The difference, I think, is that the lefties, the liberals, do not set — we don’t set ourselves up as the moral arbiters of who you should be in life. We don’t tell you if you can’t get an abortion if you are on your deathbed or whatever the problem is with you. We don’t tell you who to worship or how to live. These people set themselves up as people who tell you how to live. So the hypocrisy is much deeper.”

Republican McCain agreed, listing off Perkins’ many assaults on gay rights and other pet liberal targets. Said Meghan, “I always worry about what’s up and coming for my party in my generation. Younger Republicans aren’t going to stand for this kind of crap. They just aren’t. So, I think the last siren-song of his power is still with President Trump at this moment because he’s appeasing his base in a lot of different ways, especially with speaking out at the Right to Life march, but I just don’t see these people being as relevant in the election cycle.” Chimed in Whoopi Goldberg, “I don’t mind anybody’s religious thing but when you say that you’re representing faith — that’s not faith. When you go against what Jesus said, Jesus said you don’t judge people. ‘Judge not, lest thee be judged.’” Added Sunny Hostin, summing things up perfectly, “Evangelicals always say ‘What would Jesus do?’ I don’t think Jesus would do the things Donald Trump is doing.” Do you agree with The View‘s hosts? Watch the full discussion below: