Trudeau Responds To Trump Withdrawing From Trade Agreement By Creating Another One Without Him

While in Office President Trump has gone after every single Obama-era policy he could his tiny hands on. The Republicans seem to be deadset on setting America back years after the progression the country experienced under the Obama administration.

Not only has Trump embarrassed America with his tweets and antics, but also by his terrible decisions when it comes to foreign policy.  The Obama administration had a more compassionate worldview, whereas Trump’s motto is “America First.” However, many experts are trying desperately to warn the arrogant Trump that is not the most sustainable strategy when it comes to diplomacy.

Trump pulled the United States from the landmark Paris Climate Agreement, which now America is the only country not included in the pact. Trump also received backlash when he decided to pull America from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.

However, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada the 10 other remaining countries in the agreement will continue to work together.  Trudeau explained that the countries involved completed talks in Tokyo on a “new Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).”

Trudeau asserted that “strengthening Canada’s economic relationship with countries in the large and economically fast-growing Asia-Pacific region to support prosperity and create jobs for our middle class is a priority for Canada.” The Canadian Prime Minister says he wants to strike a deal that is in Canda’s best interest after Trump left the 12-country pact claiming it was what was best for the American workers.

Trudeau continued, “To that end, Canada has been working very hard on the new CPTPP, from spearheading the first meetings of officials in May 2017 to proposing several suspensions and changes to secure better terms for Canadians throughout this burgeoning region.”

He insisted that Canada has shown it “can and will work hard to set the terms of trade so the middle class can compete and win on the world stage.”