Senior Trump Advisor Once Said Muslims Are Incapable Of Coexisting With ‘Other Faiths’

Former casino operator Donald Trump has hired countless incompetent and inappropriate people to work in his administration. One of the very worst, however, is certainly Frank Wuco, who serves as a White House senior adviser at the Department of Homeland Security.

In a newly unearthed audio recording from 2010, vocal Islamophobe Wuco was heard stating that Muslims lack the capability to “mingle with other faiths.”

President Donald Trump’s White House has laughably claimed that the travel ban Trump instituted against several majority-Muslim nations has nothing to do with preventing people of the Muslim faith from coming into America. It is telling, however, that far-right bigot Wuco is one of the officials in charge of implementing and enforcing the travel ban. Wuco, who was himself a right-wing radio host, appeared on Blog Talk Radio’s “The Willie Lawson Show” in 2010 and voiced his views regarding Muslims’ supposed inability to coexist with people of different faiths. Said the former naval intelligence officer, who professes to be an “expert” on Islamic matters, “[There’s] a critical misunderstanding of the true nature of Islam, which was never intended to coexist, to complement, to mingle with other faiths.” He added, “It is clearly stated in the law, in the traditions, in the Quran, that Islam is here to abrogate all faiths that came before, was sent to abrogate and cleanse the corruption of the Jews and the Christians that are found in the previous scriptures.”

In July 2012, Wuco once again aired out his beliefs on the “Erskine Overnight” radio show, alleging that “so many have bought in hook, line, and sinker into the Muslim propaganda, particularly generated by the Muslim Brotherhood, that this is a — yeah, it’s a religion that seeks cohabitation and tolerance and peace with non-Muslim faith groups and nationalities and it just simply is not true.” The future White House senior advisor went on, “To say that Islam is willing to coexist peacefully with other religions and other sort of nationalities, if you can have such a thing in Islam, is really antithetical to what the Quran and what Sharia law teaches.” Civil rights groups and actual experts on Islam have condemned Wuco’s comments. Stated the Council on American-Islamic Relations national communications director Ibrahim Hooper in response, “First of all, we would need ask him whether he still believes bigoted and Islamophobic things about Muslims and Islam. My assumption is that he still believes these things. Anyone who believes that an entire faith or religious minority in America is incompatible with our society should not be serving anywhere in our government or be advising our government.” Are you appalled that this far-right bigot is a top Homeland Security official? Listen to his comments below: