Sandy Rios Argues Women Who Attended March ‘Become Ugly’ Because They’re Outside God’s Parameters’

The Women’s March marched right into it a second successful year on Saturday as thousands took to the street to defends women’s rights. Demonstrations took place around the world. There were even women partaking in Tokyo.

However, President Trump tried to argue that the women were celebrating the low unemployment rate of women during 2017. He even took to Twitter to encourage the marchers to celebrate what the had done for the economy and thereby them.

White House aide Kellyanne Conway was questioned about Trump’s tweet and she defended it by arguing that women’s unemployment rate is “no joke” and the women were likely praising Trump’s strides to improve their economic standing in society. CNN’s Chris Cuomo quickly reminded the delusional Conway that was not the reason for the demonstrations.

However, Religious Right radio host and certified nutcase Sandy Rios blasted the march as “a very ugly thing” and went on assert that women who attended it “become ugly” because they “are acting outside of the realm of God’s parameters.”

Rios explained, “I’m not a guy, so I don’t have to worry about my political correctness.” She went on to state that she was “ashamed of the women of my generation” and has “been for a long time.”

The Religious Right host went on to blast the march as a “very ugly thing” and criticize the women who marched. “It is a very ugly thing when women behave in this way. They become ugly. They don’t become like men with all the privileges. They just become ugly, because they are not—they are acting outside of the realm of God’s parameters. And what God designed is what’s best,” Rios insisted.

Listen to her entire delusional rant below and comment with your thoughts.