O’Brien Gives Haitians A Chance To Insult Trump Following ‘Sh-thole Countries’ Remark

President Trump further hurts America’s standing among global leaders earlier this month when callously attacked immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and a few African nations by referring to them as “shithole countries” during an Oval Office meeting on immigration.

Sen. Dick Durbin confirmed to The Washington Post that Trump did, in fact, use the racially motivated language during the heated meeting. However, some of the Republicans that attended the meeting claim they did not hear Trump say those exact words.

Nonetheless, Trump insulted the people Haiti and his comments received massive backlash as many pundits and lawmakers accused him of being racist for stating his preference for immigrants from countries like Norway, opposed to predominantly white countries like Haiti.

Many ambassadors and foreign leaders denounced Trump’s insults as did some Republican lawmakers. But talk show host Conan O’Brien thought it would be best to Haitians the opportunity to respond to Trump’s insults.

O’Brien explained, “President Trump insulted Haiti, so I thought it was only fair to give Haitians a chance to return the favor.”

In a teaser for the upcoming television special, Haitians insult Trump on camera.  “Mr. Trump, please come visit Haiti. Because every time you leave your country, you make America great again,” one man said, according to a translation.

Another man joked, “We have beautiful golf courses here, Mr. President. Please come cheat on them.” Another woman in the teaser said she wanted to send a “message of love to the leader of America.” “Oprah, we love you!” she continued.  Are you glad Conan gave Haitians a chance to respond to Trump’s attacks?