Macron Rebukes Trump’s ‘Sh-thole Countries’ Remark

When one compares former President Obama’s foreign policy strategy and compassionate worldview to that of the callous and nationalist Trump administration’s, it is like comparing apples to oranges. They are two totally different strategies.  In fact, many experts argue that President Trump has no strategy when it comes to foreign policy and emphasize how dangerous that can be for the future of America.

Recently, Trump faced severe backlash when he referred to Haiti and El Salvador as “shithole countries” during a heated meeting on immigration in the Oval Office. The president went on state his preference for immigrants from countries like Norway instead of Haiti.

Vice President Joe Biden immediately took to Twitter to remind Trump that is no way for the President of the United States to talk about people. Many other world leaders spoke out against Trump’s racist remarks as well. House Speaker Paul Ryan denounced the comments as “unhelpful” and reminded Trump that his family came to the U.S. from Ireland.

What’s more, French President Emmanuel Macron also issued a scathing rebuke to President Trump’s comments, telling BCC, “It’s not a word you can use.” He went on to remind Trump, “We have to respect all the countries.”

Macron went on to speculate on the root cause of the struggles in the Middle East and Africa.  “I think a lot of our issues in both the Middle East and in Africa is due to a lot of frustrations due to a lot of past humiliations,” he explained. If Macron is right about the source of the problem then Trump’s comments sure did not help anything.

Do you worry about the future of America under Trump’s lack of foreign policy?