Pelosi Rips Trump’s $20 Billion Funding Request

As the government shutdown continues, lawmakers are still no closer to reaching a deal then they were two days ago. However, there is a lot of blaming going when there should be more discussion.

The Republicans are arguing that the blame for the shutdown is that of the Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell claimed the Democrats were putting Dreamers before the military and countless other federal employees who rely on their government wages and will ultimately be hurt by the shutdown.

Meanwhile, the Democrats claim that President Trump is to blame. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer claimed that he reached across the aisle and offered Trump a deal on spending that including funding for his border wall. However, the New York lawmaker claims Trump rejected his “very generous” deal and insists that is what lead to the shutdown.

However, agreement talks are still going on. But House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) issued a scathing response to President Trump’s $20 billion request for funding for his beloved border wall. She argued that there is no way the Democrats would accept that deal even if it included a DACA solution.

Pelosi asked, “All of the money he wants for his wall?” Before responding,” Oh, come on, come on, come on.” The House Minority Leader went on to assert that she open to the idea of providing funding for the wall.

“We all have a responsibility to protect our borders, north and south. There’s no question about that. So what do we need to do that? Why don’t we have an appraisal of what that should be,” Pelosi insisted. “Should there be fencing? Should there be technology? Should they mow the grass so that people can’t hide in it? Should there be some bricks and mortar someplace?”

She continued, “This is in the hundreds of thousands. … You’re on the wrong path if you think the $20 billion” will win Democrats’ support.” Do you agree with Pelosi?