Sean Penn Argues That Trump Is An Enemy Of Mankind

President Trump’s attacks on immigrants from predominately non-white countries are being rebuked by people on both sides of the political aisle. But Trump’s comments really struck a chord with those who have done humanitarian work in some of the countries Trump disparaged.

Former Vice President Joe Biden blasted Trump by reminding him that Presidents do not speak that way. What’s more, House Speaker Paul Ryan also denounced Trump’s remarks as “unfortunate” and “unhelpful.” Ryan went on to remind Trump that his ancestors came to America from Ireland and were “looked down upon” when they arrived.

But Hollywood actor and activist Sean Penn took his criticism a step further and issued a blistering rebuke to Trump’s comment that Haiti, a place where Penn has done some charity work after a devastating earthquake, is “shithole” country.

The actors and founder of the J/P Haitian Relief Organization ripped Trump in a scathing op-ed, arguing that “Haitian people are our neighbors.” He also reminded Trump that it is out “duty” to support them.

Penn explained, “On this pale blue dot Earth that we call home, the Haitian people are our neighbors, to whom our support is both the policy of a great America as it is a sacred duty.” Penn went on to criticized Trump directly. “President Donald Trump’s words describing the glorious people of Africa, El Salvador and Haiti are far worse than mere insensitivity or even nationalism. Those standards are not disgraceful enough,” Penn argued.

The activist went on to claim that “President Donald Trump is an enemy of Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Independents and every new child born.” Penn concluded that Trump is also “an enemy of mankind” and argued that Trump is “indeed an enemy of the state.”

Wow. What do you think of Penn’s scathing rebuke?