Kasich Squirms When Pressed If Trump Deserves To Be Called ‘Racist’

Republican President Donald Trump, his staffers, his family and all his Republican enablers in Congress and in State Houses have vocally denied time and time again that Trump is racist. These denials come despite the fact that Trump has made countless openly racist remarks, from pushing his birther claims about then-President Barack Obama up to his recent “shithole” comments about African countries and Haiti.

Ohio Governor John Kasich, who squared off against Trump in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries, has never been a booster of Trump. However, even moderate Republican Kasich squirmed when MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson pressed him to admit that Trump is indeed a racist.

Gov. Kasich has been a strong advocate on the right for allowing Dreamers to be able to remain in the United States, and has voiced his sharp disapproval of the xenophobic rhetoric President Trump has used when talking about immigration issues. Kasich, however, was unable to take the next step and confess that he, too, acknowledges that the president is racist. Hallie Jackson asked Kasich during an MSNBC interview, “I have two quick questions for you. Number one, given the conversation we are having on immigration and given the conversation about the president’s comment on S-hole countries –” Kasich cut her off, perhaps in an attempt to sidestep from having to comment on the record about Trump’s recent inflammatory remark. Said John, “I have no idea what I’m doing in the future, Hallie. I’m sorry.”

Jackson didn’t fall for it, and pressed, “I didn’t even ask about 2020. No, I was going to ask you about something else, the comments Dick Durbin said with the comments being racist. Michael Steele was on the show, someone you know from the RNC, he definitively believes that the president is racist. Do you call Donald Trump is racist?” An uncomfortable-looking Kasich replied, “I don’t call names. I thought the comments were inappropriate. Charlottesville, they were inappropriate.” Jackson pushed further, “Were they racist? It’s a category, not a name, respectfully, sir.” A peeved Kasich replied, “No, it’s a name, it’s a name.” He then tried to end the interview early, saying, “Look, Hallie, I have said what I have to say, I’m not saying anymore. Appreciate you letting me come on.” Do you think that GOP moderate Gov. Kasich needs to admit that Trump is a racist? Watch the full interview below: