Joy Reid Cuts Off Pastor Who Used Bible To Defend Trump’s Comments

Republican President Donald Trump’s “shithole” comments about Africa and Haiti have brought out some of the strangest defenses of the president yet from Trump’s backers.

Following a heated interview with a Trump surrogate who has used the Bible to defend Trump’s remarks, MSNBC host Joy Reid told the Trump supporter that he wasting her time and ended up cutting off his mic.

Evangelical Christian pastor Mark Burns recently appeared on CNN and invoked the Bible to back up Trump’s “shithole” comments, much to host Erin Burnett and guest April Ryan’s disgust. Said Burns on the show, “The Bible clearly says, in first Timothy, chapter 5, verse eight.” White House correspondent April Ryan interrupted him, exclaiming, “I’ve grown up in church, so let’s be clear!” Burns replied by saying “Praise God,” and paraphrasing the verse from Timothy, stating, “A man who does not take care of his own home, his own home, their own people, is worse than an infidel. We have somehow forgotten that in America.” After Burns later conceded that as a pastor part of his job is to give aid to the homeless and poor, host Burnett shot back, “But don’t let them into your home, God forbid.”

Pastor Burns did not fare much better in a later interview with Joy Reid on MSNBC’s AM Joy. On Reid’s show, Burns refused to respond to the host’s questions, until Joy got to her breaking point as an interviewer. Asked the MSNBC host, “One more question, I will give you one more chance to answer my question, then we’ll be done here.” She added, warning the Trump supporter, “You’re wasting my time when you talk over me and don’t answer my question.” Burns answered by saying, “You’re wasting my time.” Shot back Reid, “Then good-bye,” and cut off his mic. Do you think Trump surrogate Burns is only embarrassing himself with his attempted defenses of Trump’s indefensibly racist comments? Watch Joy’s abortive interview with the pastor below: