Fox Host Blames Leakers, Not Trump, For Making America Look Bad With Racist Comments

Republicans, particularly in the Age of Trump, have become masters at using backwards logic to spin reality to their favor.

They were faced with a particularly tall order, however, after their standard-bearer (and standard-creator) President Donald Trump decided to refer to Haiti and the entirety of the African continent as “shitholes.” Trump-supporting Republicans, however, seem unable to concede that President Trump is a racist who makes America look bad in the world community. Instead, one right-wing Fox News host claimed that it was instead the people who leaked Trump’s comments who are to blame for giving our country a bad name.

During a recent broadcast of Fox News’ political discussion show Outnumbered, sometime host Rachel Campos-Duffy went as far as to admit that the fact that President Trump used the term “shitholes” during a high-level meeting on immigration with Congressional leaders was a poor decision on his part. However, Campos-Duffy then declared that the lawmakers, including Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, bore the lion’s share of blame for leaking the remarks. Said Rachel on the Fox News program about the president, “He was talking about the countries being not so great.” Without ever actually saying “shitholes,” Campos-Duffy continued, “First of all, I don’t agree with this term. I’m glad Rep. Mia Love put that [written denouncement] out and I would too. Sometimes the best immigrants come from those kind of countries.”

She then twisted the entire situation backwards, continuing, “That said, I still have a problem with people in a private meeting going out and saying what the president said, when they know, like right now, I just heard that the Panamanian ambassador just quit over this.” She added, “I mean, it makes our country look bad. I think the Democrats, in this case, should have used some discretion. And even if he did say something like that, not repeat it for the benefit of the country.” Do you think this Fox News host’s reasoning about Trump’s “shithole” comments is absurd?