CNN Host Admonishes Trump Surrogate For Not Admitting ‘Sh*thole’ Comment Was Wrong

Republican President Donald Trump launched yet another racist attack against African-Americans when he questioned why America would want to attract immigrants from “shitholes” like the nations of Africa and majority-black Haiti.

Regardless, African-American Trump surrogate Paris Dennard has continued to defend Trump, even following these racist comments. In a recent interview, CNN host Victor Blackwell pressed Dennard over why he will not concede that Trump’s “shitholes” comments were wrong.

During an appearance on CNN’s New Day, Trump backer Dennard stuck to the familiar, oft-used Trump Era Republican line that what the president said was not wrong and that his coarse words were merely poorly chosen. Stated Paris, attempting to defend Trump, “I think the president is understanding now he’s having to deal with issues he’s never had to deal with before.” Shot back host Blackwell, “He’s understanding now? He should have understood that before he said ‘I’m running for president of the United States.’” Dennard continued, saying, “Listen, no president comes in here knowing every single thing. No president comes in having an understanding of every –” Victor interrupted him, and asked, “What’s the evidence that he understands now? Is the evidence that he called African nations shithole countries? When you say he’s now understanding, this is a president who’s been on the job for 11 months now. How long do you need to, not be in office, but be alive to know that 54 nations of Africa are not shitholes?”

At that point, Dennard pushed back, saying, “Well, I’ll challenge you there. We don’t know if there were specific countries named and he responded about specific countries.” Pressed an irritated Blackwell, “Are there specific shitholes in Africa? Name them for us.” Replied Paris, hedging, “I’m not here to defend that comment. I would not have used that comment.” Asked Victor straightforwardly, “Paris, I don’t know that this is asking too much to ask you, is it wrong for the president of the United States — put aside your personal affinity for the man, your respect for the office — is it wrong for the president of the United States to call the 54 nations of an entire continent shitholes? That’s a simple question.” The Trump surrogate still would not budge, replying with a deflection, “I understand what you’re trying to get me to do, but the notion that the president said that about all 54 nations is not true.” Do you think Paris Dennard needs to rethink his loyalty to obvious racist Trump? Watch the full exchange below: