Chelsea Manning Launches Bid For Maryland Senate

The Democrats are looking to 2018 to make some changes in Congress. 2017 saw a year of firsts. But were they good firsts? The first reality television start became President in a shocking victory against former Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

However, 2017 also saw a few positive first too. In fact, the special election in the traditionally red-state of Alabama made headlines when Democratic Sen. Doug Jones defeated GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, becoming the first Democrat in office to hold office in Alabama in over twenty years.

Many pundits and experts believe that trend will continue and that the Democrats will take back Congress in the midterms. However, the Republicans are doing everything they can to prevent that.

In another sign of progression, whistleblower Chelsea Manning announced that she will run for a U.S. Senate seat in Maryland. The 30-year-old transgender activist filed last week according to a report by The Washington Post.

Sources indicated that she will square off against Sen. Ben Cardin (D), Maryland’s senior senator, for the party nomination in November. Cardin is likely to win given his experience but if 2016 taught us anything it is that you never know.

Manning gained notoriety when she was convicted of releasing confidential military and State Department documents back in 2013. The activist’s 35-year sentence was reduced to seven years by former President Obama.

The former president argues that Manning’s punishment was “disproportionate” to other whistleblowers’ sentences. Since being released, Manning has been active in advocating for LGBT and other progressive causes. Back in July, Manning protested Trump’s decision to ban transgender people from the armed forces at a rally at the White House and it looks like Manning is prepared to keep fighting Trump.