Anti-Trump GOP Blasts Trump Booster, ‘America Is Not A Volk’

President Donald Trump’s instantly infamous “shithole” comment about majority-black Haiti and nations in Africa sharpened the divide between pro-Trump Republicans and those on the right who have refused to embrace his presidency.

Conservatives on Trump’s side are either downplaying the comment, denying it ever even happened or, worst of all, praising its message. On the other side are conservatives who are increasingly appalled at Trump’s shockingly bigoted words and behavior. During a recent heated discussion on CNN, a “Never Trump” GOP strategist dismantled the beliefs of a pro-Trump Republican in a memorable rant.

On Don Lemon’s show, right-wing, Trump-backing talk show host John Fredericks attempted to make Trump’s profane and profoundly disrespectful “shithole” message palatable to CNN’s television audience, and ended up running straight into the buzzsaw of anti-Trump Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Said Wilson to Fredericks as part of his fiery rant, “I go back to this again, I’m curious that John doesn’t have any objection to Norwegian workers coming here to take high skilled high paying jobs, with a mysterous demographic characteristic I can’t put my finger on.” He continued, “But, you know, it goes back to a broader question, America is not a Volk, we are not a race of people. We are a proposition, we are an idea. We are a Constitution and a set of laws and principles and objectives that when you come here, if you buy into that system and play by the rules in that system, you are part of it. It is the American system, we are not based on a single demographic mix, and no matter what your flimsy economic excuses are about it.”

Wilson later declared that hard-right Fredericks should start wearing a “pointy white hat,” saying, “If this is a country that’s based on the proposition that we have an American system, an American dream, an American framework that allows people to come here and work hard, and raise their families, and engage in society, and contribute to society. Then your idea that these people should be bounded out of here, because they happen to come from the ‘shithole countries’ is absurdly un-American, absurdly unconstitutional, and not conservative in any way whatsoever.” Rick went on, “And if you believe that, go on Amazon, order yourself a pointy white hat, head down to Home Depot and get the wood to build a burning cross, cause that’s the kind of thing you’re talking about. That’s where your attitude leads to.” Do you agree with Rick Wilson? Watch the full speech below: