McCain Rips Trump For Disrespecting Immigrants

Republicans and Democrats alike have been rebuking President Trump’s recent verbal attacks on immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, a few African nations. Many pundits are claiming that the President’s comments are blatantly racist since the countries he referred to in the Oval Office meeting on immigration are predominately non-white.

What’s more, Trump went on to state his preference for bringing in immigrants from countries like Norway, where the population is predominately all-white. CNN’s Don Lemon asserted that the President’s comments were racist and issued a fierce rebuke to his attacks on these immigrants from poor countries.

However, several GOP lawmakers have also ripped Trump over his disparaging remarks. In fact, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) called on Trump to “respect” the fact that immigrants “from everywhere have made America great.”

McCain reminded Trump that it was common decency for a leader to have “Respect for the God-given dignity of every human being, no matter their race, ethnicity or other circumstances of their birth, is the essence of American patriotism.”

The Arizona lawmaker argued in his powerful rebuke, “To believe otherwise is to oppose the very idea of America.” “People have come to this country from everywhere, and people from everywhere have made America great,” he reminded Trump. “Our immigration policy should reflect that truth, and our elected officials, including our President, should respect it,” McCain insisted. 

McCain is not the only GOP lawmakers to criticize President Trump for his comments. House Speaker Paul Ryan referred to Trump’s comments as “unhelpful” and went on to remind Trump that his ancestors immigrated to the United States from Ireland. Ryan also said that when his ancestors arrived the Irish were looked down upon so he can relate to how those in Africa and Haiti are feeling after Trump’s senseless attacks.