Trump-Backing ‘Journalist’ Makes Oddball Comments About Oprah

The Age of Trump has spawned a true golden age for crackpot extreme-right conspiracy theorists, including infamous Infowars host Alex Jones and Trump-backing self-proclaimed “Hollywood journalist” Liz Crokin.

Crokin was clearly unsettled by how many people were encouraging broadcast legend Oprah Winfrey to run for president in 2020, and responded by floating a predictably nonsensical theory about Winfrey and her true intentions.

Crokin decided to host a Facebook Live video stream together with like-minded Crystal Myers-Barber where they discussed Oprah’s prospective challenge to incumbent Trump in the 2020 election. Together, they called the former daytime talk show host out for her supposedly evil roots. In an indication of wasted cleverness, Crokin noticed that the initals “OWN” of the Oprah Winfrey Network, if spelled backwards, are “NWO.” To the two conspiracy theorists, this was a sure sign of Winfrey’s connection to the “New World Order.” Declared Liz, “What is her network—OWN—backwards? New World Order. Hello! Anagrams, reverse words, symbolism.” She reiterated, for emphasis and clarity, “Her network is the OWN and you spell it backwards. Her channel is OWN. What is OWN backwards? New World Order. No coincidence there.” An impressed Myers-Barber responded, taking things even further, “That is something. In the Bible, it talks about spirit of Antichrist, which we realize is already in the air. But could Oprah rise up and be the Antichrist? That’s a stretch, but, hey, you never know.”

At a later point in the show, the duo got what they felt to be confirmation that their discussion of demonic forces was valid when the power suddenly went out in their filming location. Crokin spoke about the night she was “saved,” and described, “I have nightmares every night, and I didn’t have a nightmare that night, and I’ve felt, like, at such peace, and, like, right after we did that prayer, like, all these good things started happening to me, and it’s, like…” The power suddenly went off, prompting Crystal to exclaim, “Oh my gosh, the lights just went out.” When the power finally came back soon after and they picked up recording, Liz naturally concluded that the supernatural was at play, stating, “We’re talking about all these topics, and the second we start talking about Jesus Christ and my faith and how I’ve been saved, the lights have gone off! And here’s where I know that, like, the spiritual war is real. And Jesus Christ really is our savior is because when stuff like this happens, it just confirms it for me.” Do you find it dismaying that people take frauds like this seriously? Watch their discussion below: