New York Times Editorial Board Rips Trump In Blistering Op-Ed

Ever since the release of Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, President Trump’s ability to lead has been brought into question. However, many Trump critics questioned the President’s mental stability long before the Wolff’s book hit the shelves.

Since announcing his candidacy, Trump has attacked the press and freedom of speech. He often refers to negative coverage of him and his administration as “fake news.” He has often attacked renowned outlets, such as CNN, NBC, and The New York Times.

On Wednesday, The New York Times editorial board responded to Trump’s recent claims that he is a “stable genius.” The board wrote that they already know “what is wrong” with Trump and they don’t need a diagnosis from a psychiatrist. To them, the diagnosis is clear. The board argued in their scathing op-ed, “we don’t need a medical degree or a psychiatric diagnosis to tell us what is wrong with Mr. Trump.”

The board explained that they can diagnose Trump’s issues just by observing him. “It’s obvious to anyone who listens to him speak, reads his tweets and sees the effects of his behavior — on the presidency, on the nation and its most important institutions, and on the integrity of the global order,” they explained.

The board went on to propose,”In the future, it would be a good idea if presidential candidates voluntarily submitted to a mental-health evaluation, just as they often do a physical one.”

The renowned publication went on to criticize Trump for firing FBI Director James Comey and taunting North Korea’s hostile leader Kim Jung Un with nicknames, such as “rocket man.”

The paper ended their blistering rebuke of Trump’s recent comments and actions by saying, “Conversely, if Mr. Trump were found to have no diagnosable illness, he would be no more fit for the office he holds than he is today.  However, the publication’s editorial board pointed out that, ultimately, one doesn’t “need to put Mr. Trump on a couch now to discover who he is.” Who is President Trump?