Frequent Fox Guest Claims Oprah Was ‘Turning Tricks’ Before She Became Rich

When accepting the Cecil B. DeMille award at the Golden Globes, Oprah Winfrey made a speech so rousing that it prompted some to think that she should run for president in 2020 to challenge Donald Trump.

However, the same right-wing bigots who opposed Barack Obama as president because of the color of his skin launched an offensive against Oprah that gave her a clear taste of what she would be in for if she indeed decided to run. One frequent Fox News guest named Gavin McInnes, for example, claimed that, before she became successful, Oprah was “basically a prostitute.”

Hard-right racist Gavin McInnes, who Fox News has somehow considered credible enough to make frequent appearances on the network, railed against Oprah and her prospective political career on The Alex Jones Show. Claimed McInnes, “[Oprah Winfrey] was remarkably promiscuous in the day to put it mildly. She was turning tricks, she was basically a prostitute and that’s still in her DNA.” He went on, “So when she’s with Weinstein and she’s in this big world with these billionaires she still has that ghetto mentality of ‘You want to try this girl out for a while, let’s try this girl, like hey mind if I come along?’ And she’s got the money to keep it all silent but when you run for election as we’ve seen with Trump, everything comes out. Things come out that weren’t even true. And Oprah would never stand up to that kind of scrutiny.”

The Fox guest pundit was not done savaging Winfrey in the most virulently racist way possible. He continued, “I mean look at her whole life. She was such a slut, sorry for the family show violation there but she was such a slut her mother sent to her to what’s his name, Vernon Winfrey, that wasn’t even her father. It was just, this guy by the way deserves an award. He took this kid from the ghetto who claims to have pet cockroaches, slutting around like a prostitute and turns her into a pillar of society, a stalwart businesswoman who makes billions. This guy deserves half her money. And she comes out of that and pretends that it’s always been peaches and cream and she’s perfectly normal.” Gavin finally concluded, “No, she’s a sexual deviant, she’s basically a pimp and the idea of her even having a snowball’s chance in hell as president is totally laughable.” Are you disgusted by this man’s racism? Watch his full tirade below: