Bannon Hires Top Washington Lawyer To Prepare Testimony

President Trump has always claimed to hire the best people. However, the revolving door at the Trump administration spins so fast due to people leaving that critics wonder: if Trump is really surrounding himself with the best people, why does he end up firing so many of them?

Trump fired former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon back in August of 2017 after constantly defending him to critics who claimed a white nationalist like Bannon had no place in the Whtie House. But fast-forward to eleven months into Trump’s first year as President, and Bannon and Trump are no longer as thick as thieves, so to speak.

Now the former White House strategist is expected to appear before the House Intelligence Committee next week as part of its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. The committee is interested to speak with Bannon as he was employed as Trump’s chief strategist when Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey last year.

Reuters was the first to report that Bannon retained top Washington lawyer Bill Burck to help him prepare for his testimony before the House Intelligence committee. Reports indicate that the former Breitbart executive chairman is only keeping Burck around to advise him on the hearing and has no plans to hire him full-time.

What’s more, over the course of the past week, Trump has blasted his former strategist as “sloppy” in response to several alleged quotes Bannon made to author Michael Wolff. Bannon also stepped down from his role as executive chairman of Breitbart after one of the publication’s owners, Rebekah Mercer, publicly denounced his recent comments and actions.  Trump has since commented that “Sloppy Steve likely brought Wolff in the White House” and that is why he is currently unemployed.

Is Bannon just a disgruntled former employee looking to get even with Trump? Will he finally spill the beans on Trump?