USA Today Reports Female Actress Paid One-Percent Of What Male Co-Star Made For Movie Reshoots

Gender inequality and pay disparity between men and their female counterparts is a hot topic recently, especially in the entertainment industry. In fact, actresses wore all black to the 2018 Golden Globes on Sunday to protest sexual harassment and to send a firm message to corrupt and powerful men in Hollywood that time is up for gender inequality in the movie business. But is it?

While the industry is currently facing other issues such as the wave of sexual harassment allegations that have plagued filmmakers recently, women actresses are still paid far less than males. The issue was recently thrust back into the spotlight after it was announced that a female actress recently made one-percent of what her male co-star did for reshooting scenes.

Actors Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams recently starred in director Ridley Scott’s film about J. Paul Getty, All the Money in the World. However, the film was disrupted when one of its lead actors, Kevin Spacey, who was cast to play the billionaire philanthropist, was accused of sexual harassment. Scott had no choice but to recast and reshoot as quickly as possible by replacing Spacey with well-known actor Christopher Plummer.

One would assume that an established actress like Michelle Williams, who was nominated by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for a Golden Globe award for her performance in the film at Sunday’s awards show, would receive a similar stipend to Wahlberg’s for her work in the reshoots. Alas, Willaims’ pay was less than 1% of what Wahlberg made for reshooting the scenes.

USA Today was the first to report that Wahlberg was paid over one million dollars for reshooting his scenes while Williams was paid an $80 per diem. In total, Willams received less than $1,000 from her work in the reshoots.

Can you believe that after the numerous claims of sexual harassment against women in Hollywood this gender inequality still exists? Is it time for lawmakers to pass legislation that requires men and women to be paid equally in all industries?