Panel Hits Back At GOP Pundit Over Questionable Offshore Drilling Deal

In what has become the “new normal” under the administration of Republican President Donald Trump, the White House recently announced it had reached yet another decision reeking of corruption.

After President Trump’s decided to open all of America up to offshore drilling, it was later determined that Florida would somehow be exempted from drilling. During a CNN discussion, panelists chided a Republican pundit over how “swampy” this deal clearly is.

Former South Carolina Governor and current Republican Rep. Mark Sanford was reportedly furious that Florida was granted this exemption while his own state of South Carolina was not, taking note how this drilling could severely impact his state’s beach tourism. Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was likewise incensed that he was not even given a meeting with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. However, Republican commentator Josh Holmes claimed that there was nothing amiss with the Florida decision. Asked host Jake Tapper, “Isn’t that a little swampy?” Answered Holmes unhelpfully, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Zinke came down and they made a deal and now Florida isn’t on the list.” The Daily Beast’s Jackie Kucinich had her own theories about why Florida was mysteriously exempted from offshore drilling. Said Jackie about Trump, “This is a president who was talking about windmills earlier. He has a special hate in his heart for windmills, because he protested windmills going off the coast of his golf course in Scotland. So this is the first time this president has been involved in blocking — because Mar-a-Lago is in Florida.”

Pundit Symone Sanders said she could smell the corruption in this so-called “deal,” offering, “I don’t think this is that type of situation. It would be different if the Trump administration had this broad sweeping policy and was swayed by something that Gov. Scott said and now they’re changing their policy. No, they’re giving Gov. Scott one thing because they want him to run for Senate. Like, come on. This isn’t ‘hatin’ the player, hatin’ the game.’ This is the game not being fair. The game is rigged. The system rigged.” Do you think this Florida exemption is swampy? Watch the full discussion below: