New Poll Suggests Majority Of Americans Would Describe 2017 As ‘Worrisome, Chaotic’

It has been one heck of a year. A reality TV star was sworn in as President of the United States and then proceed to try and undo every single Obama-era policy he could. From the sexual assault allegations to the relentless attacks on the media, 2017 has been unprecedented. In a time when pundits argue that there is no absolute truth, we have the Trump administration spewing their alternative facts and labeling anything that doesn’t make the President look good as “fake news.” Nonetheless, 2017 saw a lot of firsts. But were they good ones?

According to a recent poll, a slim majority of Americans chose the word “worrisome” to describe 2017. Fifty-two percent of respondents selected “worrisome” to characterize the past year from a list of nine words, according to an Axios/SurveyMonkey poll released over the weekend.

The word was selected by members of both sides of the political aisles. That’s right. Both Republicans and Democrats selected the word as their top pick. The exact numbers as reported by Axios were 64% of Democrats and 38% of Republicans choosing “worrisome” as the best word to describe the year.  The second most popular word was “chaotic,” with 41% of respondents picking it to describe 2017. The third most popular word among Democrats was “hellish” at 34% while for Republicans it was the word “great” at just a mere 28%. However, the GOP will argue that Trump’s first legislative win with the sweeping tax overhaul is one for the books and a victory they can hang their hats on.

Yet many argue that the tax cuts to corporations will not trickle-down to the working class and the only ones who will benefit from the new tax bill are the wealthy elite. Experts also argue that the tax bill will also add billions to the national deficit.  What word would you use to describe 2017?