WATCH: Stephen Colbert Blasts Attorney General Sessions For His Latest Controversial Move In Viral Video

On Thursday, late night host Stephen Colbert blasted Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his latest controversial move.


According to The Hill, “The Justice Department announced Thursday that it would reverse the Obama-era policy, which allowed laws allowing for the use of recreational marijuana laws in states to prosper.”


“Come on Jeff, you’re the states rights guy. Would it help you if they smoked the weed out of a rolled-up Confederate flag?” Colbert began.


He continued, stating, “This new directive from Sessions can mean only one thing. He still doesn’t know that white people smoke pot too. Sessions knows that marijuana isn’t heroin because he’s on record as saying that marijuana is only slightly less awful than heroin. It’s true, they’re very close. You take heroin, you die. Smoke marijuana, die laughing at Jeff Sessions.”


Later in the show, Colbert took some shots at Stephen Bannon.


“They’re so embarrassed of Bannon that a lot of the alt-right have started covering their faces with hoods. They don’t want to be seen — turn off the lights, walk around with torches, they’re just so embarrassed.”


Colbert added, “In the past 24 hours alone, candidates he endorsed have abandoned him, he lost his biggest billionaire donor, even the alt-right is turning its back on Steve Bannon.”


The video of Colbert is below: