TV Host Ellen DeGeneres Fires Back At Eric Trump Following His Major Accusation Against Her

In a recently released preview clip of her show that will air Thursday, TV host Ellen DeGeneres responded to a recent accusation made against her by President Trump’s son, Eric Trump.


“If you know me at all, you know I don’t pay attention to politics, but unfortunately politics pays attention to me,” she began.


On Tuesday, Eric Trump tweeted out a picture of people who Twitter had suggested for him to follow. The list included Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Ellen DeGeneres.


Trump captioned the picture by writing, “Shocking… once again, here are the @Twitter “suggestions” of who I should follow. #DeepState.”


“It’s just the craziest thing I’ve seen all week because I saw that movie with the lady having sex with the fish and still this beats that. So, I have some questions,” DeGeneres said with a grin. “First of all, which one is Eric? Did he kill the elephant or the cheetah? Which one? I don’t know. So second, what is the deep state? Is it near Dollywood? ‘Cause I’m in, if it is,” she said.


DeGeneres continued, saying, “Apparently, Eric Trump thinks that Twitter is trying to trick him into following liberals. So, I found out deep state is supposed to be a group of people they believe are trying to undermine Donald Trump — which is ridiculous because no one has undermined Donald Trump more than Donald Trump.”


“I just wanna say, Eric, I am honored that you think that I’m powerful enough to be part of a government conspiracy. I am sorry to disappoint you, I am not part of the deep state. Even if somebody wanted me to be involved, I don’t have that kind of time. I’ve got my gay agenda meetings on Mondays. I’ve got — on Wednesday Beyoncé and I host an Illuminati brunch.”


She ended by saying, “But there’s probably another explanation for why Twitter suggested that you follow me. I mean it could be a conspiracy or it could be because your sister, Ivanka, follows me on Twitter, and your sister, Tiffany, follows me on Twitter. And maybe you should follow me.”