Fox News Host Makes Surprising Prediction For GOP’s Future Following Recent Tax Bill Success

On Monday, The Hill published an op-ed penned by Fox News political analyst Juan Williams.


“Republicans say the big news on Capitol Hill last week was that they passed tax cuts. Wrong,” he began.

Williams continued, writing, “The bigger news on Capitol Hill was that Americans now trust Democrats more than Republicans to handle taxes and the economy, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. For the last 40 years, Republicans have consistently outperformed Democrats when voters were asked which party is the better steward of taxes and the economy. Now, the Journal poll has voters favoring Democrats by 33 percent to 29 percent on taxes, and by 35 percent to 30 percent on the economy.”

“The new Republican Party is a supporting cast for a bombastic salesman of a president who won the White House with a grand promise to cut taxes and create jobs to benefit working class people. With his tax plan now signed into law, the curtains are finally pulled back on the Wizard of Trump Tower. Voters can see that he has handed tax cuts to the very rich, the top 1 percent, and shareholders of large corporations — not the middle class or the poor,” he added.


Williams ended the op-ed by writing, “The Trump party argues they have to make the cuts to keep the deficit from ballooning. So, the party of Trump has created a spending problem with a give-away to the rich — and now proposes to solve it by cracking down on the poor. It is beginning to look a lot like a wave election coming in 2018.”