Top Dem Senator Makes Controversial Comments Regarding Trump/Franken Allegations

On Monday, Senator Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) appeared on CNN’s “New Day.”


Manchin discussed the allegations of sexual misconduct against both Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota) and President Trump.


After being asked if President Trump should be investigated due to the allegations, Manchin stated, “I’m not going to make that determination because he went through an election process. I’ve moved on. I really have moved on.”


Manchin was then asked about Senator Franken.


“I definitely think he should not resign. I think he should submit himself, which he has willingly done and offered to do and go through this complete process of an extensive ethics review. And whatever the outcome is, I can live with that. I say, Al, I’m sorry, you have faults that you’ve never recognized and these ladies have brought this forward. And these ladies should be protected.”


Manchin added, “The political rancoring here is just unbelievable to me. How you can destroy a human being’s life and his family, and everything that they stand for without giving them another chance.”


In a recent interview with Politico, Manchin blasted the calls from top political leaders who demanded that Franken resign.


“I hope they have enough guts … and enough conscience and enough heart to say, ‘Al, we made a mistake asking prematurely for you to leave,” he said.