WATCH: Seth Meyers Exposes One Of Trump’s Main Campaign Promises In Viral Video

On Wednesday, late night host Seth Meyers blasted President Trump for how he has been handling one of his main campaign promises.


“President Trump is now all in on backing the accused sexual predator running for Senate in Alabama and offering sympathy for a former top aide who lied to the FBI, making clear once again, what Trump really means when he says he’s tough on crime.”


Meyers added that Trump often referred to himself as the “law and order” candidate during the general election.


“Trump says he’s tough on crime when he thinks those crimes have been committed by immigrants, refugees, African Americans or his political opponents. But not when they’ve been committed by the people closest to him,” Meyers stated.


The late night host then slammed Trump’s endorsement of controversial GOP Senate Candidate Roy Moore.


“Trump says he wants to stop crime but he’s backing an accused child molester over a prosecutor who convicted the KKK, which tells you that when he uses the word crime, that’s not really what he means. He doesn’t really want to stop crime, he wants to stop immigrants, refugees, or his political opponents.”


The video of Meyers is below: