WATCH: ‘Morning Joe’ Host Makes Scary Comparison While Discussing Trump’s Health

On Thursday, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough made a scary comparison while discussing President Trump’s health.


“I am going to be very careful with what I say here. I will just say there [are] many things that you don’t take personal from people who are struggling with certain issues because their personality changes. That’s something I’ve dealt with in my family and you just sit there and you’re like ‘OK that’s not the same person that I knew and I am not going to judge them for what their doing,” he said.


Scarborough continued, stating, “Unfortunately in the case of my mother, I can move that to the side and I am totally fine with that. In this case Donald Trump has control of nuclear weapons. If we can’t talk about this now, I’m trying to be as careful as we can, I don’t know when we can talk about it.”


Scarborough, after playing a clip for Trump from 1987, added, “ [Trump today] is not the person that we knew. There’s been a remarkable change.”


Steve Schmidt, former aide to Senator John McCain, then joined in on the conversation.


“Presidents every year typically go to the Bethesda Naval Hospital for a check up. This president, to my knowledge is departing that tradition. We don’t have updates on his health, we don’t know what’s going on, but this is a legitimate issue worthy of consideration.”


The video of Scarborough is below: