Spokeswoman of GOP Senate Candidate Moore Makes Stunning Comments During Heated Exchange With CNN Host

On Wednesday, Janet Porter, spokeswoman for GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, appeared on CNN.


Host Anderson Cooper began by asking her, “Does Judge Moore still believe that homosexual conduct should be illegal and that homosexuality is still the same thing as beasteality?”


Porter attempted to dodge the question and responded, “I don’t have that answer but I can tell you what he does believe regarding that issue. And regarding that issue, if you want to talk about making sure we don’t have sexual predators.”


Cooper continued to push and said, “No, I’m not talking about sexual predators. I’m talking about anybody that’s homosexual, gay, lesbian people.”


“Excuse me, Anderson, Mr. Anderson Cooper. Let me just say, he wants to put out a welcome mat in front of these young girls, if you are a junior high school girl or if you are a high school girl, what abortion Jones is saying is we’re putting out a welcome mat to any boy who’s feeling like a girl that day, he’s free to walk into the bathroom, the locker room with his camera phone and shower with your daughter. People of Alabama aren’t going to take this radical position,” Porter said.


Porter was then asked about if Moore still believes that former President Obama was not born in the United States.


“That is his position. I’m pretty sure — I can tell you with confidence that this is the guy that stood with the Constitution even when it cost him everything,” she said.


Roy Moore is running for Senate in Alabama and has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women.