Gay Man Denied Marriage License By Kim Davis Strikes Back

Rowan County, Kentuck Clerk Kim Davis became a national celebrity and a darling of conservative Christians when she refused to fulfill the duties of her position and grant licenses for same-sex marriages.

Davis, who based her decision on her Apostolic Christian beliefs, greatly interfered with the life of one Rowan County resident named David Ermold. When Ermold, who is gay, requested a license so that he could get married, Davis was the clerk who broke the law by personally denying his request. An emboldened Ermold recently went public his plan to strike back at Davis and restore rule of law in his county.

Ermold, a Democrat, just announced that he will be running to unseat Davis as Rowan County Clerk. This, of course, comes as a brash challenge to Davis, who de facto inherited the elected position from her mother, who had served in the role for thirty years before Kim. Stated Ermold about his candidacy in an interview with Newsweek, “I can’t let this happen. I just cannot sit by and just let her take that seat without a fight.” The University of Pikesville English professor himself made national news after recording his unproductive attempt to get a marriage license from Davis. David unfortunately has an uphill battle winning this seat as a Democrat in a Republican stronghold. He stated, “We have some minds to change and that’s going to be difficult. One of the politicians doesn’t think Rowan County is ready. … That day was the day in my mind that I thought, you know what, I’m going to prove all these people wrong.”

Declared the candidate on his campaign’s website, “The County Clerk’s duties impact each of our lives, documenting the day we receive our first car, the day we get married, and the day we register to take our kids boating at Cave Run for the first time. We seek out the clerk’s help for information on various life-changing events, and we deserve to have someone in office who will not only process those records responsibly and point us in the direction we need, but someone who also considers the personal well-being of all our citizens.” Ermold promised, “If elected as Rowan County Clerk, my commitment to you is to restore professional leadership, fairness and responsibility to the office. I will build upon the successes of the past, and I will seek solutions for the challenges we may still face. Responsible leadership takes hard work and dedication. Working together, we can set a standard of excellence that is unmatched in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.” Do you support Ermold’s candidacy against religious zealot Kim Davis? Watch his first fateful confrontation with Davis below: