Ex-FBI Agent Says Trump Jr. And Pence’s Excuses Are ‘Increasingly Implausible’

In trying to climb out of the hole created by their obvious Russian collusion, inner circle Trumpers Donald Trump, Jr. and Vice President Mike Pence have instead been digging themselves deeper and deeper with each new obvious lie they have floated.

A former FBI special agent recently made an appearance on CNN and told host Chris Cuomo how Trump, Jr. and Pence’s stories sound “increasingly implausible” to her.

Ex-agent Asha Rangappa, who now teaches at Yale University, took particular issue with Pence’s assertion that he had no idea that former Trump advisor Michael Flynn had initiated contact with the Russians. Said Rangappa, “Here’s why it’s problematic either way. The sanctions conversations were a matter of normal, incoming transition policy. If that’s true, Vice President Pence is the head of the transition team and he’s the incoming vice president. So, you would think he would know about policy discussions taking place. So, if he didn’t know, then something about those conversations, if he’s kept in the dark, something about those conversations was just not right.”

Cuomo brought up the fact that emails have shown that Flynn was talking about Russian sanctions with members of Trump’s transition team. Asked Chris, “If all of these people knew and it was going on during the transition, how did the head of the transition not know?” Answered Asha, “So, we know that in the pleading documents, the statement of offense that Flynn pleaded guilty to — which means these are facts that Mueller can actually prove that he was in communication with senior transition officials. And exactly like you said, Chris, if he’s in contact with senior transition officials about, policy decisions, how can the head of the transition team not know? If they were keeping him in the dark, why?” Rangappa then addressed Trump’s bumbling, scheming son Donald, Jr., commenting, “We are seeing the pattern where Don Jr. is kind of consistently very eager to receive dirt on Hillary Clinton. So, it’s getting more and more implausible that these are just accidental things, things that were not being solicited or not going somewhere.” Do you agree with this former FBI agent’s take on Pence and Trump, Jr?