CNN’s Cuomo Blasts Kellyanne Conway For Her Defense Of Roy Moore

Alpha snake Kellyanne Conway has demonstrated time and time again that she is willing to say whatever needs to be said to advance her hard-right agenda and those of the extremist Republicans she represents.

Unsurprisingly, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway has played a prominent role in guiding Republican accused pedophile Roy Moore through the home stretch of his campaign to become the next U.S. Senator from Alabama. During Conway’s recent appearance on CNN, New Day host Chris Cuomo took her to task for defending and promoting Moore, and declared that she has “no standard of morality.”

Predictably, things got heated on Cuomo’s program as Chris pressed Conway about her Moore support and she tried to deflect by creating a false equivalency between pedophile Moore and accused groper of adult women Democratic Senator Al Franken. Asked a stunned Cuomo, “You see an analogy between Franken and Moore?” Conway then laughably tried to put Moore on a higher plane than Franken by pointing out how Franken admitted to his groping and how Moore has admitted to nothing. Responded Chris, “That seems to be the mistake these days, is owning your mistakes. It seems if you just deny it you could become a senator.” She then demurred by using the Republicans’ standard line that Alabama voters should be the ones to decide about Roy. Fired back Cuomo, “Then why endorse him? If you want to leave it up to the voters of Alabama then leave it up to Alabama — you don’t vote there.”

Kellyanne later tried to once again pivot away from embattled Moore by bringing up Franken again and Democratic Congressman John Conyers. She asked, “Do you think all these people should lose their jobs in the media, in politics, in the industry?” Cuomo replied by saying that Conyers has stepped down and that he is unsure if Franken will resign or not. She pressed, “But the question is: should he? Or are you putting party before morality?” She then highlighted about Franken that “he admitted it.” Shot back Cuomo, “He took a stupid photo. He didn’t sexually assault someone … I thought it was a stupid photo, he needed to own it and it was in poor taste. These are accusations of sexual assault. If Doug Jones had these accusations on him you wouldn’t talk about anything else. You would have his name tattooed on your hand with the names of the woman on the other and hold them up.” When Kellyanne kept trying to defend the endorsement Moore got from President Trump, Cuomo asked, “But do you have no standard for morality?” Are you glad Cuomo didn’t let shifty Conway off the hook? Watch the full contentious conversation below, in two parts: