Pence Once Ratted On His Fraternity Brothers. Might He Rat On Trump?

Vice President Mike Pence once ratted on his fraternity brothers for drinking alcohol on a dry campus. Could he sell out President Trump, too?

Vice President Mike Pence was a brother of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity at Hanover College. When one of his fraternity brothers, Dan Murphy, sat down with a reporter from The Atlantic this week, he revealed that Pence was not the most loyal of fraternity members.

According to Murphy, Pence allegedly was the person responsible for overseeing the transportation of alcohol for parties, even though the “dry” campus banned such alcohol consumption. At one party, however, a dean arrived and Pence not only turned over the alcohol, but said that his Phi Gamma Delta brothers were responsible.

“They really raked us over the coals. The whole house was locked down,” Murphy said.

He also shared other details about a young Mike Pence. He was apparently only a B student, but perhaps because of such actions as turning in his fraternity brothers to school authorities, he was also in good standing with Hanover College administration. He often “agonized over his ‘calling’” and spoke of becoming a priest, even though it was allegedly “obvious” that he had his sights set on the White House.

Murphy also divulged that Pence attended a concert called the ‘Christian Woodstock,’ and enjoyed “rocking out to Jesus-loving prog-rock bands and born-again Bob Dylan imitators.”

He also shared a photograph of Pence dressed as a fortune-teller, with a woman sitting on his lap.

The White House press team did not comment on The Atlantic story.

However, as FBI special prosecutor Robert Mueller narrows his investigation onto President Trump and his inner circle, it is worth wondering where Pence’s loyalties lie. If Pence, indeed, wants to be President of the United States and has a history of selling out close confidantes to authorities, then perhaps he is a missing source of information about Donald Trump and his ties to the Russians.