Newt Gingrich Floats New Line That Flynn Was ‘Set Up’ By The ‘Pro-Hillary’ FBI

By all appearances, the Republican Party seems to have a behind-the-scenes think tank where a group of clever people come up with bald-faced lies they can tell the American public to advance their agenda.

For whatever reason, some of these false narratives stick, and some of them don’t. For example, the idea that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton misused her email account became a central plank of Donald Trump’s successful effort to paint her as a crook to the American people. In an attempt to discredit Robert Mueller’s investigation, key Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich just floated a brand new right-wing line, claiming that Michael Flynn was somehow “set up” by the “pro-Hillary” FBI.

During a recent segment on Fox News, network contributor Gingrich charged that Washington, D.C. is plagued with “corruption and dishonesty” but argued that Trump’s White House is free of it. Newt instead pointed to the FBI as being the source of this corruption, and launched into trying to sell viewers on his fresh conspiracy theory. Said the former Republican House Speaker, “You take everything that happened with Hillary Clinton, the fact that they deliberately interviewed her without putting her under oath, and you take everything she did, and it’s General Flynn, who served his country in uniform for 35 years, who is guilty?” Trump’s one-time presidential primary rival continued, “He’s guilty of what? Apparently, of not being totally accurate in describing an interview which probably the Russian — the FBI actually had a tape of — talk about a set-up.”

Gingrich then claimed, “Flynn was faced with bankruptcy, he was faced with a threat legally to his son, he cut a deal to get it over with.” A pious Newt pronounced, “I think it is a sad day for America when the Federal Bureau of Investigation allows itself to be this corrupt. I cannot imagine that any American believes that if the same standard had been applied to Hillary Clinton, that she wouldn’t have been found guilty, over and over and over. But it wasn’t the same standard, and we now know why. You have members of the FBI who are actively anti-Trump, actively pro-Hillary.” Do you think Fox News viewers will buy into this new nonsense? Watch the full segment below: