Lemon Accuses Lauer of Sexism Against Clinton During Campaign

CNN's Don Lemon revisits some of Matt Lauer's work, and sees evidence of sexism in his interview with then-candidate Hillary Clinton.

NBC’s Matt Lauer, a longtime fixture on morning television, was fired last week for alleged sexual assault. Don Lemon, of CNN, was not ready to let the issue go, however. He revisited several interviews that Lauer did with candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election, and concluded that he was harder on the former than the latter, which he interpreted as evidence of sexism.

“In light of the shocking ouster of Matt Lauer, there are new questions about his treatment of women on the air. I want you to look again at this exchange with Hillary Clinton during a presidential forum, in September of 2016,” Lemon began.

Lemon then showed clips meant to corroborate a tweet from one Clinton surrogate named Neera Tanden, who said, “Another person whose interview with Trump was ridiculously soft and interview with Hillary was incredibly tough: Matt Lauer.”

“I remember many of us commenting on that both online and just in conversation that it seemed that Matt Lauer was a little tough on Hillary Clinton. To me, I just thought initially at the time that he was dishing it to people that could take it. But now looking back at some of the other highlights that they pulled not only with Hillary Clinton but also with some of his co-hosts on The Today Show, I think it is interesting,” added liberal commentator Angela Rye.

“I would say, Don, even on this program, some of the other programs on CNN, some of the commentators, some of the things they say back to women, like me whether it’s questioning my qualifications or questioning my substance or cutting me off. It happens quite often, and I think, frankly, the culture needs to take a real shift in boardrooms, in meetings, in regular conversations, and we have to get used to not talking over people just because they may look different or because they’re women,” she added.