Fox News Hosts Disprove Trump Team’s Accusations About Biased FBI Official

Surprisingly, one of Republican President Donald Trump’s sharpest and most insightful critics has been Fox News host Shepard Smith.

On a recent broadcast of his program, he and the network’s staff legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano did Fox News’ conservative viewers a great service by thoroughly destroying the Trump camp’s claim that a biased, pro-Hillary FBI official tainted special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

The official in question is an FBI agent named Peter Strzok who was taken off Mueller’s probe for supposed political bias. According to reports discussed by Smith and Napolitano, Strzok “changed a key word, or series of words, in former FBI director James Comey’s statement on the Hillary Clinton email investigation.” CNN had reported earlier in the day that Peter had intervened and changed then-FBI director James Comey’s assessment of Hillary Clinton’s email use as Secretary of State from “grossly negligent” to merely “extremely careless.” Described Fox News host Smith, “The cry is that the wording was changed, and this changes everything.” Said Napolitano, “Okay, we’re talking about the wording in a public statement that then-FBI director Jim Comey made about whether or not the FBI thought Mrs. Clinton should be charged with espionage.” Andrew went on to say that Strzok “sent some texts to his girlfriend … and in those texts he was either critical of the president or praiseworthy of Mrs. Clinton.” Asked Smith, “Shouldn’t that matter?” Replied the judge, “No, it should not matter. Because when a document is prepared, like the one from which Jim Comey read, which was of profound significance … a lot of people have their hands in there suggesting language to the director.”

Napolitano went on, “The director of the FBI doesn’t release anything other than, ‘hello, goodbye, see you tomorrow’ without a number of people looking at it because it might become scrutinized by a court someday.” The legal analyst also downplayed the significance of this report as it relates to how Strzok led the FBI’s interview of key Mueller investigation witness Michael Flynn. Said Andrew, “That interview, the transcript of that interview, was scrutinized by at least a half-dozen other agents and by the 13 lawyers in Bob Mueller’s office, and they decided it was a lie. It didn’t matter who asked the question. The crime is lying to the FBI, not lying to Mother Theresa. The FBI agents don’t have to be clothed with absolute perfection in order to do their jobs.” Inquired Shep, “So you’re saying there’s no ‘there’ there, at all?” Replied Napolitano, “There’s no ‘there’ there.” Are you glad these two Fox News hosts poured cold water on this would-be “scandal”? Watch their full discussion below: