Roy Moore Issues Unhinged Response To Sen. Flake’s Donation To Opponent

As the election to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the Alabama election steams along, many Americans are wondering what will happen on December 12th when the voters go to the polls and cast their ballots. But due to mounting sexual misconduct claims against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, many lawmakers have called for the former judge to step aside.  But last night when President Trump endorsed Moore, who is alleged of pursuing women in their teens when he was in his 30s, one Republican lawmaker just couldn’t idly stand by and watch it happen.




Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) was stuck sitting next to Donald Trump last night, where he was forced to listen to the President voice his support for Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore. Flake left the conference and immediately tweeted out a photograph of a donation he was making to Doug Jones, Moore’s Democratic opponent. On the memo line, Flake wrote “country over party” a clear indication that he thinks it’s better to have a Democrat in the Senate who he disagrees with than a Republican sexual predator.



Moore responded by tweeting:



However, if you are a decent person, you can donate to Jones’ campaign here in an effort to keep sexual predators out of Congress. Hopefully, the Alabama voters will do the right thing. After all, Moore’s pedophilia was common knowledge in the county as he was banned from malls and other places for trying to form inappropriate relations with younger women as young as 14. Not to mention, nine women have spoken out against him. Nine. Does that sound like someone who needs to be in the Senate?