U.S. District Judge Blocks Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

President Trump has just encountered another roadblock on his mission to change the military’s transgender policy so that transgender troops are not allowed to serve their country. Earlier this week, another judge blocked Trump’s policy from taking effect. The Hill reports that U.S. District Judge Marvin Garbis said transgender people serving in the military have “demonstrated that they are already suffering harmful consequences” due to Trump’s policy.


In his ruling, Garbis cited “the cancellation and postponements of surgeries, the stigma of being set apart as inherently unfit, facing the prospect of discharge and inability to commission as an officer, the inability to move forward with long-term medical plans, and the threat to their prospects of obtaining long-term assignments.”


Earlier this year, Trump signed a presidential memo that prohibits the military from enlisting transgender people and from using funds to pay for gender transition-related surgery. The memo also gave Defense Secretary James Mattis six months to determine what to do with transgender troops who are currently serving.


However, shortly after, in October, a federal court blocked Trump in part from changing the military’s transgender policy. Last month, the judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that Trump’s directive changing the transgender policy back to what it was before June 2016 and banning new transgender recruits from enlisting cannot be enforced while the case is being reviewed in court. And now another judge has just ruled against Trump’s action.


Many Republican lawmakers have spoken out against the ban. Sen. John McCain said that anyone who wants to serve their country should be allowed to. McCain knows what it means to serve his country. After all, McCain is a war hero while Trump is a draft dodger. Too bad Trump is more concerned with keeping patriots out of the military than leading the nation to greatness.