Tom Steyer Is Doubling His Investment In Trump Impeachment Ads

California billionaire Tom Steyer’s face has become instantly recognizable lately from the ads he has been airing on national television featuring himself giving reasons why President Donald Trump should be impeached.

Thankfully, this effort does not appear to be passing fad for the liberal former hedge fund manager. Steyer recently announced that he will be doubling the amount of money he is investing in running the anti-Trump ads.

Steyer launched his Trump impeachment ad campaign in October, with a $10 million budget. After Steyer’s commercial generated considerable buzz in the media, particularly on Fox News, it clearly got under the skin of our sitting president. Tweeted Trump about Steyer as part of his daily social media brain droppings, “Wacky & totally unhinged Tom Steyer, who has been fighting me and my Make America Great Again agenda from beginning, never wins elections!” This perhaps prompted political aspirant Steyer to commit another $10 million from his personal fortune for a second Trump impeachment commercial. Discussed Steyer with CNN’s Michael Smerconish about why he believes his ad campaign is necessary, “Well Michael, I think there’s no question the president has obstructed justice in his firing of the head of the FBI, which he said he did because he persisted in the Russia investigation. And I think that he has broken the Emoluments Clause virtually on a daily basis. And I think that his public request for the Justice Department to do a criminal investigation of his political opponents is also a clear abuse of power. In effect, what the Constitution says about impeachment is that the president cannot be allowed to violate his trust with the American people and the spirit of his office. And he’s clearly done that.”

Michael later pushed back, asking Tom, “Might you be helping him? Might you be helping him, in so far as the Trump base sees your ads…and they interpret your ads as your attempt to overturn a legitimate presidential election that we just had and they then become emboldened in their support of Donald Trump?” Steyer replied by saying that he is disinclined to “make political calculations about which segment of the population would this appeal to, which segment of the population would this annoy.” He went on, “Instead, we’re trying to do something very different from that, Michael. We’re trying to do the right thing and we’re trying to do the moral thing, because we think it’s important.” Are you glad billionaire Steyer is funding this campaign against Trump? Watch the full discussion below: