Fox News Host Tells Roy Moore He’d ‘Kick His Head In’

Fox News hosts are experts at functioning as little more than puppets spouting the Republican Party’s timely talking points. However, it clearly seems like the continued candidacy of alleged predatory pedophile Roy Moore in Alabama’s Senate special election is more than even some of them can bear.

During a recent broadcast of his radio program, Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade had an unambiguous response to Moore’s preying on teenagers, declaring on air that he would like to “kick his head in.”

Not only is Kilmeade an on-air personality in the fact-challenged parallel universe of Fox News, but he works for the network’s most notorious propaganda platform, Fox & Friends. It is surprising, then, that this Fox host would be willing to voice such a strong dissenting opinion about Republican candidate Moore. On his radio program, Kilmeade discussed with Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma how Moore once called a teenage girl while she was in her high school trigonometry class because he wanted to ask her out. Brian saw this, of course, as an incredibly inappropriate and creepy thing for a 30-year-old district attorney to do. The Fox News host stated that it was “obscene,” and said, “You cannot be calling people’s mothers when you are 30 years old to date a teenager.”

Sen. Lankford agreed, stating, “As the dad of a teenage daughter, I was absolutely astounded by the first accusation and then it just comes up over and over and over again.” He continued, “What I hope will live with every vote that I take is that I have to be able to explain to my children and that’s one I can’t explain to my children.” Said Kilmeade in response, “You can’t. It’s not he said/she said. She’s in high school and she got a call in her trigonometry class to go to the general office at which time 30-year-old Roy Moore was the other line asking her out for a date.” Brian then stated, “That is obscene and I would kick his head in if it was the one of my daughters and then I would call the cops.” Do you agree with Fox host Kilmeade’s take on Roy Moore? Listen to the broadcast below: